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Dolutegravir directions to be used


Integrase dolutegravir inhibits HIV binding to integrase site and interference the stage of the transfer circuits throughout the mixing of retroviral DNA (DNA), that is needed for the replication cycle of HIV. In vitro dolutegravir slowly separates from the active space of the advanced of deoxyribonucleic acid integrase of an untamed kind (half-life amount seventy-one hours).




– Hypersensitivity reactions to dolutegravir (and excipients).

– Receiving antiarrhythmic medication agents Dofetilide (eng. Dofetilide, an advert name for the eng. Tikosyn)

– beneath twelve years getting on and beneath forty kilogram weight


Dolutegravir is quickly absorbed once body process. the common time to succeed in the most concentration is 2-3 hours. once taken once every day one pharmacokinetic steady state is achieved once roughly five days once body process. Food will increase the degree and reduces the speed of absorption of dolutegravir. These changes ar typically not clinically important, thus dolutegravir will be taken no matter the meal. However, patients infected with HIV-1 with an exact resistance to integrase inhibitors ar counseled to require dolutegravir with food.


Co-infection with hepatitis C doesn’t matter for the materia medica of dolutegravir. the information on co-infection with viral hepatitis is proscribed.


Side result


– Disorders of the system. Uncommon: hypersensitivity, immune reconstitution syndrome.

– Violations of the psyche. Often: sleep disorder.

– Disorders of the systema nervosum. terribly often: a headache. Often: lightheadedness, uncommon dreams.

– Disorders of the GI tract. terribly often: nausea, diarrhea. Often: puking, flatulence, pain in the higher abdomen. Infrequently: abdominal pain, discomfort in the abdomen.

– Disorders of the liver and biliary tract. Uncommon: infectious disease.

– Disorders of the skin and connective tissue. Often: rash, itching. General disorders and disorders at the location of administration. Often: fatigue.




– synchronal use of dolutegravir and alternative medicine that inhibit UDF-GT 1A1, UDF-GT 1A3, UDF-GT 1A9, CYP3A4 and/or PGP could increase the concentration of dolutegravir in plasma.

– Dofetilide concomitant administration is contraindicated.

– it’s not counseled to use dolutegravir and etravirine at the same time if the patient doesn’t receive atazanavir/ritonavir, lopinavir/ritonavir or darunavir/ritonavir at constant time.

– The drug shouldn’t be prescribed with antacids containing polyvalent cations. it’s counseled to use dolutegravir two hours before or half dozen hours once the utilization of those tools.

– Dolutegravir could increase the concentration of antidiabetic. it’s necessary to watch patients throughout medical care and should need correction of antidiabetic doses.


Store the drug ought to be in a very dry, shielded from the sun and out of reach of youngsters, at a temperature of fifteen to 30°C. date of manufacture and period ar indicated on the package.

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