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My  name is Maks,  I’m going to tell you about a Medicine, which is known as Harvoni, it contains SOFOSBUVIR 400mg +  LEDIPASVIR 90mg, As we all know that  Hepatitis C is a big disease, So Harvoni is Used to cure Hepatitis C, but the price of Harvoni is very Costly , it is this much expensive a normal patient can’t afford to buy, it’s price is around 100000 USD, so company has given license to Indian companies to make generic of the Harvoni, which works same as Harvoni but the cost of them are very low in comparison to Harvoni , they are known as Indian Generics, they are available in many brands like –  Hepcinat Lp, Ledifos, Ledihep, Myhep Lvir, Ledviclear, virpas ..etc. And the companies which have the license to manufacture are – Natco Ltd., Hetero Healthcare, Mylan Pharmaceuticals .. etc.

The Working of Generic is same as the Harvoni, so you can Buy and check online price of  Hepcinat LP, Ledifos, Ledihep, Myhep Lvir, Ledviclear, Virpas from Medimpex India (http://medimpexindia.com/ ).

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Here are the details to contact –

Mobile/ whatsapp/viber/wechat – +919555604444

Email : info@medimpexindia.co.in

Web – http://medimpexindia.com/

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