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abacavir sulfate lamivudine

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Abamune L ( Abacavir 600mg & Lamivudine 300mg )


The drug Abamune-L, which is the generic Kiveksa, and combinations of Abacavir with Liveroom or Desavirata, is a combination of two active ingredients: abacavir and lamivudine, which, in turn, belong to the class of antiretroviral drugs, you can Buy Abamune L from India or you can check Online Price of Abamune L in India.

Abacavir  Tablets is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor of HIV required to infect healthy cells. The drug inhibits the virus, stopping further infection of the body.

Lamivudine Tablets blocks the reproduction of HIV, which has a beneficial effect on the restoration of the immune system and helps reduce the development of the disease.

The combination of these drugs in one drug does not allow transcriptase to function and to infect new cells with the virus. Abamune-L, the price of which is significantly lower than identical drugs, can completely replace them in all HIV treatment regimens.