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Hepasky – An ayurvedic tablet to make your liver strong

Hepasky  –  The safety Net for Hepatic health

Composition –

Each 1000mg tablet contains extract of the following –

Caper brush ( Capparis Spinosa Linn ) – 200mg

Makoy (Solanum Nigrum) – 100mg

Chicory seed ( Cichorium Intybus Linn) – 200mg

Arjuna Chaal ( Terminalia Arjuna) – 200mg

Kasamarda  ( Cassia Occidentails ) – 200mg

Yarrow ( Achillea Mellefolium ) – 50mg

Tamarisk ( Tamarix Articulata ) – 50mg


Information and description –

Indications for use:

The complex of biologically active substances of plant origin, which are part of the drug, normalizes the protein-synthetic function of the liver, stimulates the recovery of liver cells, has a choleretic effect, protects the liver from toxic substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.), helps to improve the digestion process.It has a powerful antiviral activity,as well as regulates the level of liver enzymes, neutralizes toxins and helps to optimize liver function.