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ledifos hetero price

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Trade name: Ledifos

Contains: Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir

Manufacturer: Hetero Ltd

Country of manufacturer: India

In the package: 400 mg+ 90mg /28 tablets

In our day’s medicine does not stand still and thanks to the innovations in this field today is a dangerous viral disease is completely curable. We are talking about this insidious illness, such as hepatitis C, which came out today a lot of new antiviral drugs. One of them was the drug of Harvoni, developed by Israeli pharmaceutical company. However, the original medicine of Harvoni many cannot afford, the cost over 22,000 dollars. But do not despair, there are alternative choices – generic Ledifos 28 tablet manufactured by the Indian company Hetero Ltd.

Buy Ledifos from India, at an affordable price, you can find the Price of ledifos in India  from us, every patient diagnosed with HCV, the cost is quite affordable and the course of treatment depending on the severity of the disease varies from 210$ to 240$