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Description :

Drug Mydekla

Mydacla or Mydekla (daclatasvir 60mg) modern antiviral agent, similar to the American Daklinza.

Manufactured by famous Indian pharmaceutical company Mylan.

One pack contains 28 tablets.


Mydekla is the generic of daclatasvir produced by Indian pharmaceutical company Mylan Pharma. Used to treat hepatitis C genotypes 1-4. It blocks the protein NS5A, which is required for virus replication. Due to this, HCV can spread from the liver cells into the bloodstream of the patient. It is as follows: daclatasvir interacts with the N-end element of the tertiary structure of the protein, breaks it, resulting in NS5A could not be involved in the replication of HCV

“Magala” is a highly specific tool, so it will not be effective in the treatment of HIV and other DNA – and RNA-containing viruses. Studies have shown that the drug is pangenotypic, that is effective in various types of HCV.