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sofovir 28 tablet from hetero

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Description –

Trade name: Sofovir

Part of: Sofosbuvir

Manufacturer: Hetero Labs

Country of manufacturer: India

Packaging: 400 mg/28 tablets

Drug Sofovir is an innovative antiviral agent Indian pharmaceutical companies Неtero. In contrast to the original drug Avalide, manufactured by the American company Gilead generic power of Investit much cheaper, and its pharmacological properties are also effective and efficient in relation to HCV of all genotypes.

The drug Sofovir acts directly on the hepatitis C virus, blocking it from multiplying and destroying the copy. To date, the drug has passed clinical trials in Europe and endorsed by the European Association of hepatologists. In Europe, the drug is presented under the name Sovaldi (from the American company, and its price is high, but for residents of Moscow and other Russian cities are a good alternative – buy Indian generic Sofovir. Pharmacologists of Indian companies with the release of the drug fully adhere to his formulas, but because millions of people in Russia and post-Soviet countries have a great opportunity to get rid of HCV permanently.

While Sofovir buys the drug in pharmacies of Moscow – is not possible, however, you can order it now on our website. The price of the drug Sofovir within 14 000 rubles for the course of treatment needs 3 or 6 packages of drugs, depending on the severity of the disease and condition of liver patients.