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Manual and description of the drug

Sovihep (Generic Sovaldi)

Sovihep (sofosbuvir) is an inhibitor of NS5B polymerase of hepatitis C virus (HCV) and

it is used to treat chronic hepatitis C as a component of combination schemes of antiviral therapy in adult patients in combination with other drugs. You can buy sovihep from india at good price, We Medimpex India exports Hepcinat 4000mg tablet to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, latvia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Peru, Mexico, China, United states, United Kingdom, South Korea and many more countries.

Sovihep is an antiviral agent direct action, inhibiting RNA-dependent

polymerase NS5B of hepatitis C virus required for replication of the virus.

Sovihep comes in the shape of oval coated tablets, which dissolve only in the environment of the stomach. Each tablet contains 400 mg sofosbuvir.

Visible therapeutic effect is observed due to the activity of the active substance called Sofosbuvir, which has systemic effects in the affected With hepatitis C the body.