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treatment for liver cancer

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Soranib ( Sorafenib 200mg )

Brand name: Soranib

Active ingredients: Sorafenib (sorafenib)

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of origin: India

Packing: 30 pills 200mg.

Soranib (Sorafenib 200mg tablet) is one of the first oral multikinase inhibitors approved in the Management of quality control, the United States, the scope of which is the treatment metastasizes cancer of the kidney or liver. At the moment it is a drug used by oncologists in more than hundred countries around the world and, moreover, it is more versatile among other targeted agents, it inhibits the tumor cells by acting on receptor tirozinkinazy. Also, experts say that the survival rate after treatment, this tool is very high, compared to the more “old” developments. The original medication containing sorafenib is made in Germany, however, has a fairly high cost, so our online-drugstore “India Express” offers to buy Soranib sorafenib 200mg ¬†from India, whose price more affordable for most people, and you can check the Online Price of soranib sorafenib in India. Soranib produces Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla. the company operates in the pharmaceutical market for quite some time and has established itself as manufacturer of high quality products. After the consultation with the doctor is an oncologist, you can easily order the drug Soranib on our website. About the effectiveness of the pill Soranib evidenced by the positive reviews of people who have tried the therapy on himself by this means. The experts noted the growth suppression of tumors, as well as improving the health of patients. If the doctor has prescribed you this treatment, buy Soranib in Moscow is not difficult and you can use it for effective therapy.

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